What I’ve Learned from Whole30

Hey everyone! Hope you’re having a good weekend! We are dealing with the flu over here…no fun. Louise has been sick since Thursday, but so far, no one else has gotten it. Praying it stays that way and that this little lady feels better soon. 😦 We’ve been braiding hair and watching Frozen today~ quite difficult trying to convince a toddler to take it easy!


In other news, I’m hosting the next seminar 2 weeks from today! Click here for more info and to sign up.

Also, I am on day 28 of the whole30! Can’t believe it’s almost over. And I can’t believe in 3 days I can finally taste this!


~a gift from my sweet friend, Brandy. Pastured butter!

Overall, it’s been a good experience, and I’ve definitely noticed a change in my cravings and in my body. I have more energy, and my skin is clearer than it’s ever been. I thought I’d share some good things I’ve learned the past 4 weeks, things I plan to carry forward. Not that it’s over yet~ I’m certainly not going to quit now!~ but I’ve been reflecting on it as the end draws near:

1. Break out of our usual mold and try fabulous new restaurants. Our weekly Las Delicias and Huey’s were way too problematic while implementing this, so I researched and found places that would be more likely to serve approved foods without me altering it a thousand different ways (Will loved sitting through me ordering). Although we’d been to Hog and Hominy several times, I had never had to be too specific with them~ just usually get  a gluten-free pizza or something~ but I was quite pleased with how accommodating they were to “no dairy, no grains.” They fixed some spectacular mussels for me and prepared an asparagus dish with oil instead of butter. Bounty on Broad was a new one for us, and is now one of our favorites. It’s such a cool, artsy place with a dedication to serving farm-to-table style. They had tons of options for me~ Will and I split some raw oysters (fantastic), Brussels sprouts, and this shrimp/crab/cilantro/grapefruit concoction that was amazing. I didn’t even realize until a few days ago that the entire place is gluten-free! You would never miss it at all there, I promise. We really liked Belly Acres, too. It’s a new burger place in Overton Square, which is the most fun place to be right now. They serve grass-fed beef and vegetables from local farms. So cool. I won’t say they were extremely accommodating~ it’s the kind of place where you order up front and have them bring your food to you, so, casual~ but it was very good. I was a little disappointed that the only side I could get of all the vegetables was a sweet potato, since the others “had already been cooked in butter,” and she did look at me kind of crazy when I ordered my burger with “no bun or cheese…or sauce…” Haha. It’s been great, though, being forced into trying some new places. We’ll probably change up what becomes our “usual.”

2.  I don’t need a glass of wine or a cocktail to wind down at the end of the day. Admittedly, it was difficult breaking that habit, but as I said last week, it’s been good for this household. Will and I have been watching more movies and shows together (as opposed to me playing on my iPad while he watches), and I’ve started really looking forward to having a cup of tea and hanging out with him that way after Louise goes to bed. Sparkling mineral water is also a new favorite, something I’d never really bought before. I’ve found that if I have just something other than plain water to drink at some point during the day, I’m really not missing alcohol. This is also something I’ll continue to implement most days.

3. Take time to eat breakfast. When I first started, I said that there was no way I had time in the day to make one more meal, and that my current practice of drinking a smoothie each morning was going to have to stay in place. Whole30 rules, though, really discourage “drinking your meals,” and in an effort to prevent feeling unsatisfied, I decided to branch out. Turns out, I did have time, and I’ve enjoyed having a hot meal first thing and sitting down to eat it. It does make a difference in satiety.


Cinnamon-apple “porridge” made with almonds, walnuts, and shredded coconut. Oh my gosh.


Leftover salmon cakes, fried eggs, and sautéed greens/onion.

Beyond that, I will also try to still eat whole30-ish MOST of the time, and that’s the difference. These 30 days are/have been about strict adherence to a whole foods/no grains/no dairy/no sugar diet, but it’s not meant to be sustained long term. Who wants to live the rest of their lives without a celebratory meal or a cupcake or a pizza!? That’s not what this is about. I will have these things again, and I’m looking forward to these things again, and I’m happy to know I can live without them. 🙂

Meals for this week are pretty repetitive of the last few weeks. I pretty much plan around whatever proteins I have in my freezer, which, right now, is cod and ground beef. Will also really got the bug to smoke a pork butt, so he’s been at it for the last 24 hours. We were going to have it for a dinner party tomorrow night, but since no one wants to be around us (I decided for them), we are just sending it…after we take some for ourselves ahem. Flu germs kept away, though, friends, don’t worry!

Tonight: BBQ and kale salad (this recipe is a hit with everyone and so nutritious~ works great instead of coleslaw)

M: Lemon cod + roasted broccolini, mushrooms, and onion

T: Taco salad topped with sautéed onions/bell peppers + guac

W: out for a friend’s birthday! Excited to celebrate and excited to be off whole30!

Th: Taco salad leftovers

F: don’t know yet!

Fitness is going to be tentative based on what happens with the weather! I looove the idea of being trapped inside for a couple days because of snow; I have the best memories (my parents do not) of the ice storm in ’94 and sleeping as a family downstairs by the fireplace. Anything that shakes up the routine is exciting to me ha. So I’m hoping we get some significant something tonight!

snow dayThankfully I don’t have to work again at the hospital until Friday, but for my friends who do have to work the next few days, if it does snow/ice, drive safely!

I went for a run this afternoon; although I usually don’t exercise on Sundays, I knew it’d probably be a few days before I could get out again. Seemed like a lot of other people had the same idea~ despite the temp being 30 degrees, I saw like 6-7 people in my neighborhood out walking! I was impressed!

M: HIIT + strength~ Will and I have been working out together in the morning, and it’s been so fun! Makes it so much better to have a partner. FitnessBlender on YouTube has good videos for men and women alike.

T: yoga with Emily 🙂

W: off

Th: strength

F: work

Sat: 3-5 mile easy run

Sun: off

Stay warm and have a great evening!




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